Finding Disney Gold

If you are a true Disney person then you probably have a collection of many different things.  One of the things that I have liked collecting is Disney coins.  I haven’t bought any in a few years, but I would like to get back to doing this again.  I am not only after the value of the coin, but I am after the collectors side of them.  I never really knew that there were coins of gold relating to Disney.  Someone can teach you how to buy gold, but buying a collectible isn’t something that everyone knows how to do.

I have brass, and silver coins from each of the parks.  I have noticed more and more lately that Disney has a line of gold coins that are sometimes in decorative pieces.  These pieces can cost quite a bit.  If you are lucky you may be able to get some for a steal from someone that just wants to get a little cash for their piece.  Check through sites like EBay, and you may run into a real find.

Did you know that Disney made gold coins?  Do you have any?

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