Checking Out Disney DVC Hilton Head

Every now and then Disney runs promotions to help in selling their Vacation Club memberships.  I bought in quite a few years ago and didn’t pay as much as they cost now.  I own in Vero Beach, and Wilderness Lodge.  I have stayed in Vero Beach, but not the Wilderness Lodge.

This coming year when we go on the cruise my wife wants to take a day, or two on our way home to stop off in the Carolinas to visit the DVC resort Hilton Head.  We are going to try and book something for my family as well as my brother staying with us.  We have never stayed there, but I am willing to try something that doesn’t have the mouse.  When we stayed in Vero Beach we weren’t very thrilled because it just didn’t feel like the Disney resorts do.

While we are in the Carolinas my wife wants to look at some of the outer banks foreclosures.  She feels that maybe it is time to get out of New Jersey.  I understand her concern, but she needs to understand that moving isn’t a big option for us.

Have you stayed in the DVC resort in Hilton Head?  What was it like?  Would you stay there again?

Have you stayed in Vero Beach?  What did you think?

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Vero Beach Internet Access

While I figured it wouldn’t be a wired system, Disney has come through once again for the DVC members out there.

Vero Beach has confirmed that there is wireless internet available at no charge to DVC.

Other guests have a $9.95 charge per day.

Now the only thing that Disney needs to get done is set everything up so that DVC can use the wireless at the other resorts, and maybe around the parks.

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