Vacationing With The Wii

My wife uses Wii Fit, and Wii Active, and she loves that video games not only can be useful as a fat burner, but that you can have fun while you’re using it.  Our little one also loves playing on her Wii with the Wii fit board, and I don’t think she even realizes that she’s getting exercise while she’s playing her video game.  I can’t say it enough that this makes me very happy.  This makes my wife very happy as well because she feels to much of video games make kids lazy, but when using the Wii you move around a lot, and she thinks that makes it a good system for kids to have.

When we went away this past trip to Disney we took our Wii with us because we thought it might be nice to play a game, and while playing a game put a bit of exercise in.  We have yet to find any real good Disney games for the Wii, but we will keep looking.  I have hoped that Disney would come up with some sort of game that virtually walks through Disney World, or something like that.

Do you have a Wii, and has it helped keep your kids active?

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Another Site 4 All Of U

You can hop on over to GameBlogs4U.Com to see the new site.  This site will be about almost anything dealing with the gaming industry.

My family of sites includes:

  1. DisneyContestBlog
  2. JSComputerNJ
  3. JSComputer Deals
  4. GameBlogs4U
  5. MomsBlogs4U
  6. MyBlogs4U
  7. MyBlogsHome

We will be hosting contests whenever possible.

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PS3 Disney/Pixar “UP” Game Demo Review


I just downloaded the PS3 version of the UP demo from Disney/Pixar.  It is a FREE download from the Playstation Network.

The game features a cooperative mode that can handle up to 4 players on the same screen.

The graphics were excellent.  The game doesn’t match the movie, but what video game does match a movie that it is based on?

I give this is 8 out of 10.  (I had to knock 2 of because it doesn’t follow the movie.)

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Disney PS3 and a Split Second

I recently noticed that the Playstation Network had released a trailer for a new car video game that Disney is behind.  The name of the game is Split Second.

Unlike other racing games this is claimed to be above the rest in many respects.  Players will be able to dynamically change the racing course in realtime by triggering explosions, and more.  These changes to the course can help, or hinder the racers.  These changes can also make new routes that could help in winning.

The game is tenatively going to be released in 2010.

I am a big Burnout Paradise fan, but Disney may have just stolen my attention.

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