My Truck Needs Some Disney Sprucing

Now that I have a different truck I have been looking around for things that I can get for my truck so that I can personalize it a bit.  I used to want to get a Mickey Mouse tear graphic on my front hood.  Having a white truck I have a limited amount of things that i can actually do that will look right.

I just found a real nice Disney car package.  It has everything that a person could want for their car.  If I got that then I would have to find a way to get custom made outdoor covers for the bed.

Do you have any ideas that won’t cost a fortune that will give my truck the Disney look?

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New Family Vacation Vehicle

We just bought a “New To Us” camper.  We have been trying to find another means of going away on vacation instead of just using our DVC timeshare.  Now that we have the camper we have been discussing a few little things that I want to pimp on the camper.

For the most part there are not many vehicles that have any major “Disney” theme.  I want to have one.  One of the few things that I want to do is to get a vinyl wrap for the rv.  I have a few things already thought of.  I want to put a multi-character tear on the back.  Then I want to put some sort of Mickey on the front.

Once I do that work then I will work on things for outside the camper.  Disney decorations, yard signs, and maybe some custom furniture.

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