Disney & Nintendo DS

Quite some time ago I had read that Disney had been testing a new venture. They were going to setup a system that would use Nintendo DS units as virtual guides. They had designed software so that there was an interactive map, wait times, and more.


While I think Disney could come up with a new way to have their park maps put out, I don’t think that the DS way is the best. Between possible theft, and also possible breakage, there lies a lot of issues that could arise.

Has anyone heard anything further on this idea of Disney’s?

Disney could go one better, and find a way to make a system that would work on cell phones. Everyone has them, and then there is nothing anyone can blame, other than themselves. I have been to a few sites that have already put there own wait times, and such for the general public.

While Disney seems to be 100% into something now, they will gradually drop to 50% productivity. This will then cause Disney to scrap yet another good thing that they have, just like they did to VMK. (Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom) Basically they must realize that they aren’t making money like they were when they started the venture, so they phase it out. My Pal Mickey was another venture that Disney had, and now they are only selling what is left in inventory. The system is “Stated” as fully operational, but I am sure that some of that computer server has been delegated elsewhere, or will be in the future.

What would Walt really think of the parks as they have become today?

Would Walt have done any of these things?

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