More Information On The Disney Dream

With only @4 months till the sailing of the Disney Dream a lot is being accomplished.  Construction started in March of 2009, and looking at photos the boat is taking shape rather well.  The maiden voyage is scheduled for January 26, 2011.  Keep in mind that this is based on completion, and certification.  (Anything can happen when it comes to deadlines, but this is Disney, so everything will happen magically.)  In doing some research with my little brother we ran into a note about the Virtual Portholes that the Inside Staterooms have.

Virtual Porthole Fact…

And when it’s time for bed (or a nap), just turn off the virtual porthole with a quick flip of the switch.


Here is a photo of the Mickey Pool taking shape on the Disney Dream.

For those that think you will find a “Deal”, or “Special Pricing” on other sites… Well, here is a fact.  Disney does not have to discount, or offer discounts on their ships.  This is proven below.  I ran pricing for a cruise that is @2 weeks away, and the pricing from the “Discount Cruising” site is identical.  I have been told directly that Disney doesn’t need to offer discounts, and I believe this fully.  Disney has something that others don’t have.

We can’t wait for this cruise.  Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise?  Are you going on the Disney Dream?  What are you most excited about on the Dream?

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