Another Disney World Droid App

I have been searching, and searching for a good Disney World app that will tell me the times for the queues at the parks.  Well, recently I found an app that looks like it may be the one that runs off beyond all others that I have tried.  It is called Disney World Wait Times Lite.

I have downloaded the app from the Android Market.  I can only currently see the wait times, and check out the ride information because your phones gps needs to be able to acknowledge that you are in the area.  This is so that people don’t just enter information for the heck of it.  The app has data compiled from other users that are in the Disney World resort.  You can find wait times, and information about certain rides.  I will be trying it out at the end of the month, so I will report back to you here with my final impressions.

The Android app seems very easy to use, and looks very pleasing to the eyes.  There is a “Premium” version available, and has additional features.

This app is also available on the IPhone.  You can also get it by clicking HERE.

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Time Saving at Disney

I just read about a service called TWISNEY. Basically it is a service that broadcasts photos, and live updates sent in from visitors, and employees. TWISNEY uses the Twitter service, and E-Mail service to achieve its goal.

Most people with current phones have the capability to use the site.  You can view the lists of updates, or photos.

Go to from your mobile phone, and take a look for yourself.


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