I Need More Power

Over the last few trips to Disney World I have found that I have been using my android phone a bit more.  From waiting on lines to just sitting around I find myself on my phone playing with apps more than I ever have.  Maybe this is because of the capabilities that I now have that I didn’t previously.  When I go to Disney World now I always bring 2 extra cell batteries because you can’t stop in the camera store on Main Street and get a cell phone battery like you can get camera batteries almost anywhere.

Watching movies while on line is what my daughter does, and I just surf the net, and goof around.  I have been playing around with all of the Disney apps that are out for the Droids in hopes of finding one that will do everything.  Do you find yourself on your phone more in Disney World more than previously?  I would suspect lines cause a lot of us to do things we have never done.

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