Wife Wants Disney World Walking Trails

Today the wife has hit me with the thoughts of walking some of the trails in Disney World while we are there in late March / early April.  I asked her if she had a lapse of thoughts because the amount of walking that we do in the parks is enough to make me weak at the knees.  She told me that irregardless of vacationing she needs to keep up her daily routine no matter what.  I told her I would do some research, and find the info she needed.

I told her that the one that I liked most would be the walk in Fort Wilderness.  Why is that you ask… Well, I can easily rent a golf cart, and pace behind her in case she needs to stop, or decides to stop.  Granted I can’t take the cart to all of the walking trail, but a good portion of it.  The path leads from the beginning of Ft. Wilderness, and goes all the way to the Wilderness Lodge.

She seems to like this idea, and also I can stop off at the arcades, eat a nice meal at Trails End, or even just sit down, and take a break.  She said she is going to give this trail a try, and she is also now doing her own digging into other trails to see if there are any others that might suit her better.  For me I will just keep doing what I am doing, and if I really need some weight loss maybe I will just consult with some xenadrine reviews.

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Some Weight Loss Ideas For Disney World

In being Disney World veterans my wife, and I have come up with some pretty good ideas to help keep a persons weight exactly where you want it.  When you go anywhere, and this includes Disney World one thing remains constant, and that is that you need to think sensible about what you do.  Rather than using pills my wife prefers a natural fat burner.

Before going on vacation make a list of foods that you just don’t want to go over on.  One other thing that you can do to keep your calorie counts down is to check out some of the menus that are published in many places on the web.  Make notes of anything that will really sabotage your weight.

My wife has found that walking each day helps a lot.  Yes, in Disney World you do almost nothing but walk, but what my wife has done is that she walks in the morning before starting her day, and at night she also walks again to help burn off a bit more.

One last thing to think of is that you can also do is that you can ask if any of the restaurants have menus that have weight loss in mind.  The last thing that will work is rather than eating out just make a small meal at your room.  We took a indoor grill with us last time we went to Disney, and it helped save some money, and most definitelly saved some weight.

Have you come up with any great weight loss ideas for vacationing?

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Disney and Your Feet

Walking through Disney World is a challenge to most people.  Finding shorter ways to get somewhere has been a routine for me.  My wife isn’t bothered by how much walking we do anymore.  Yes, she always has sore feet at the end of the day, but for her walking is like taking fat burners.  By the way… Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes.

In Epcot there is no real way to cut down the distance one would walk if you are going to go through all of World Showcase.  In the Magic Kingdom a smart person would break it down to areas, and also you can take a train from multiple places back to the beginning.  The Animal Kingdom has the same unique problem that Epcot has.  You pretty much need to do it all, or break it up into multiple days.  Hollywood Studios is wider than it is deep.  The walk here is ok, as it is like sections, and if you aren’t going into a specific area, then you can avoid that.

When walking in any of the parks be sure to pace yourself, and drink plenty of water.

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Walking Disney & Its Value

My wife is always trying to find new ways to keep up with her diet.  When we go away she has found that walking through Disney, and the parks is very helpful when she is on vacation.

At home she has a routine, but when we go away that routine gets thrown out the window.  The diet routine she is working seems to have better points than the best diet pills.

The walk around World Showcase is a bit more walking than she does at home, but she is working to be able to do that walk when we return in November for vacation.

Walking to the pool, and staying active while away are essential to anyone that is trying to lose weight.

Deb, we are very proud of you.

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