Something I Never Knew

When I was younger I got to go to California a few times to visit my uncle “L” when he worked, and lived out there.  During a few of our trips we went to Griffith Park, LA Zoo, and even the Los Angeles Live Steamers.  From everything I remember about the Steamers all I can say to this day is that it is an experience that you just can’t forget.  While I am on this… I just found out while doing some research that Walt Disney had a barn that was used for machine work, and it happens to be in the Los Angeles Live Steamers location.  It is currently a museum.  It looks old, and probably well kept, but I can’t stop thinking that it looks like one of those holiday barns that you see in ads.

Here is the Wiki on it…

Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn is a museum located at the Los Angeles Live Steamers complex in Griffith Park. It is a miniature barn used by Walt Disney as a machine shop while operating his miniature “live steam” Carolwood Pacific Railroad layout in the backyard of his home in Holmby Hills, a district of Los Angeles, California, USA.

Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn in Griffith Park.

The barn is currently open the third Sunday of every month from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Admission is free, but donations are welcome. The barn is owned by The Walt Disney Family Foundation and operated by the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society and the Carolwood Foundation.

When you read this site you can think of me like one of those monthly fruit clubs.  I may not have something for you each, and every single time, but once and a while I do have some interesting stuff.

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Disney Had Affiliations With Highland Manor Property

While on a tour at the Highland Manor in Apopka we were shown the words that were written when Walt Disney had worked on a project.  The words “Dream Learn Do” appear on a wall.  This had something to do with the Wedding Chapel, and a deal that was working back in the day.

Here are pictures…

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Some Walter Elias Disney Facts


Disney was born in 1901, and died in 1966.


He died of lung cancer.

Partially contributed by chain smoking.


Jungle Book was one of the last things Disney had an active role in prior to dying.


Walt did not ever get to see the Opening of Disney World.


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Modifying our Theme


We have been working on our current theme, and making some modifications.  One of the modifications we have made is the font the is used on 40% of the site.  While you are not required to use our font, we recommend it, as it will give you a bit of change from the ordinary.

You can grab the DisneyPark True Type Font right here.

Just click the link, and hit open. This file is 100% certified virus-free, and spyware free.

I will be adding a link to get the modified Disney theme as soon as I finish small modifications. The original theme was gotten from

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