Disney Is Appearing Everywhere

When you go shopping for something you don’t naturally think about seeing Disney items no matter what.  Disney has kitchen items, auto items, household items, clothing, and a whole lot more.  The other day we were searching the web for a special piece of jewelry.  Low and behold we ran into Disney wedding / engagement rings.  It wasn’t a line of jewelry made by Disney, but it was based on the princesses.

I never thought that someone would do this, but I bet they can make some serious money with the Disney fans.

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Disney Weddings Are Out Of The Question

I always wanted to get remarried to my wife.  I also always wanted to have the ceremony in Walt Disney World.  Many people are fortunate enough to be able to have their wedding at the Disney resort in Florida.  With all of the money that it would cost we decided to forget that dream until I hit the lottery.  (BTW… I don’t play the lottery.) After we started the calculations we came to the grim reality that with the amount of people that you must pay for, and the other requirements that there was no possible way. I am even more happy now being that the Grand Floridian has construction going on. I am sure that the new DVC section will be an eyesore for the Wedding Pavilion.

I was just reading one of the Official Disney blogs and saw this video of a proposal. Now all they need to do is save a lot of money, get the bridal shower invitations sent out, and get to work on the rest of the necessary planning.

Here it is…


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Getting Married On A Cruise

I have been a little puzzled about something.  I got married with both of our families present.  I have seen a few weddings while on the different Disney Cruises where the bride, and groom don’t have any family, or friends with them.  The part I don’t understand is why would you go all out on tuxedos, and wedding dresses when you don’t have anyone there.  It just seems like a large expense to bear that noone is there to see.  I can understand why many people don’t have large services on a cruise because of the cost that would be involved.

Can anyone explain this to me?

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Disney Cruise Weddings

I have always wondered what it would be like to get married, or even go to a marriage on a cruise.  Last time we went away on the Disney Cruise we ran into 2 couples that were getting married.  How did I know they were getting married?  Well, when you see bridal gowns you can usually figure out that there is going to be a wedding.  Maybe one of these trips I will be lucky enough to get to see one.  I know that I have been seeing a bit more information available on the web about Disney Cruise Weddings.  Maybe it is just the hip thing, but I am sure that the cost is pretty hefty.

Has anyone had a wedding on a Disney Cruise?  How bad of a price was it?

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Weddings In Disney

I always wanted to have my wedding in Disney World, but the costs were so off this planet that we decided against it.  From everything I am reading it seems that Disney has found ways to cut the pricing a bit, but I don’t think you get to have anyone there with you to celebrate the moment.  I think the wedding invitations are probably the cheapest thing you have to worry about because you don’t have anyone.

My wife had an idea months ago about having a wedding ceremony, and auctioning off tickets to attend, but I told her that it just wouldn’t work.  If I wanted to go to Disney I would just go.  Why attend someones wedding?  I would be more than willing to have my wedding done again in Disney if anyone would care to cover the cost.

Here is a summary of the new packages that Disney is offering.

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Couples looking to put an extra touch of magic and romance into their wedding vows can make that dream come true at Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney’s Escape Wedding Collection is ideal for lovebirds looking to stage a simple but memorable wedding or vow renewal. The special getaway includes: onsite wedding coordination, flowers for the bride and groom, solo musician during the ceremony and cake cutting, Disney wedding certificate, four-hour limousine service, wedding cake and champagne toast.          

Escape Wedding Collection packages offer a variety of settings including the charm of a Mid-Atlantic seashore at Disney’s BoardWalk, the turn-of-the-century splendor of the New England oceanfront at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, the rustic feel of a Northwestern lodge at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, or a tropical flair with Cinderella Castle on the horizon at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Couples can choose any Walt Disney World owned-and-operated hotel for their four-night stay. Escape Wedding Collection packages begin at $4,750 per couple (not including the required four-night stay).           

Disney’s Wedding Pavilion, a glass-enclosed enclave fashioned after a grand Victorian summer house with a picturesque backdrop of Cinderella Castle, is the signature location for couples tying the knot.  Escape Wedding Collection events at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion begin at $5,750 per couple.           

Couples can make their fairy tale wedding complete with unique Disney touches including a ride in Cinderella’s glass coach, Disney characters at the reception or a rose petal exit.           

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