Making Money By Blogging

I am new at the whole Blogging deal, but I can give anyone reading this some great information. If you are looking to make money blogging, then I know my information will help. It may be some of the same information that you have read elsewhere, but I am new at this, and it is already working for me. My sites are @4 months old.

First, get a blog. You can use any blogging community, but be warned… some pay type sites do not allow certain domain blogs. Find a niche that suits what you want to write about. Make sure your site is up, and running for at least 3-4 months prior to anything else. This is because most search engines need this time to see your online presence. Take this 3 months to make posts. There is no right, or wrong answer to how many posts you must write, but I have found that the more posts… the more search- ability. Try not to deviate from your niche much. My blog is designed for multiple topics. If it isn’t done right, then it may not work.
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Modifying our Theme


We have been working on our current theme, and making some modifications.  One of the modifications we have made is the font the is used on 40% of the site.  While you are not required to use our font, we recommend it, as it will give you a bit of change from the ordinary.

You can grab the DisneyPark True Type Font right here.

Just click the link, and hit open. This file is 100% certified virus-free, and spyware free.

I will be adding a link to get the modified Disney theme as soon as I finish small modifications. The original theme was gotten from

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