Staying Fit In Disney And With Disney

Each year we go to Disney World my wife and I discuss going down to the exercise rooms.  Well… That never actually happens.  (Getting there.)  Recently my wife started her dieting, and exercising again.  She tries hard.  I told her that when we go to Disney World this Christmas we can both go to the fitness room and workout.

I think that Disney could do a lot of good if they started offering things like workout classes, and other things like the ever growing zumba work out.  I know nothing about Zumba, and don’t think that I want to, but I will support my wife 100% if she decides that she wants to do something like that back at home.  Disney could make some money at this if they thought about the idea. It surprises me that they don’t even have things like zumba on the cruise.  I have read many peoples posts on some sites about how they wish the cruise had zumba.

If you want to get in a little bit of sweating and exercise just look around whatever Disney resort you are staying in.  There is almost guaranteed to be a fitness room.  Some properties even have bicycle rentals.

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